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Rental cars

Chiang Rai - Car Rental You can rent a car via Thaitraveldreams. We book all cars with Budget, an internationally renowned car rental company, using the same rates and conditions as Avis. All cars are well maintained and have safety belts, airconditioning and a radio with CD or cassette player.

Important to know are the following things. Cars in Thailand drive on the left side of the road. Roads in Thailand are not everywhere equally well maintained and the driving style of the Thai is somewhat less structured than in western Europe, north America or Australia. This requires you to be extra attentive and alert, especially after sunset when it is dark. Roads can have big holes that do not have advance warning signs or protection. Cows, dogs and other animals can suddenly cross the road. Motor vehicles can drive without their lights on. Traffic rules and legislation in Thailand can be different from your own country and traffic rules are not followed by everyone. The right of way is frequently taken by vehicles who drive the fastest or are the biggest, even if they are not entitled to it. Trucks and buses can overtake others in curves, hills and other places with limited view. Don't get angry, just be alert and drive defensive. The Thai won't change their driving style anyway and your main objective is to drive without accidents and return home safely. Make sure that you can stop at any moment within the distance that is free and can be overseen. Adapt your speed accordingly. Overtake with care. Be extra alert and use common sense. Generally: drive as defensive as possible and preferrably more than that. Even in spite of these warning words, you will find that driving in Thailand is fun.

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D CPMR Thailand - Car Rental - Toyota Hilux Vigo 2.5 Manual Pickup
Toyota Hilux Vigo 2.5 Manual or similar
2 persons.
Luggage 1 large + 1 small
40 (1510 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
37 (1410 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

Z MCAR Thailand - Car Rental - Honda Brio 1.2 V Auto Mini compact
Honda Brio 1.2 V Auto or similar
4 persons.
Luggage 2 large or 1 large + 1 small
45 (1710 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
40 (1530 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

A ECAR Thailand - Car Rental - Honda City 1.5V automatic Economy
Honda City 1.5V automatic or similar
4 persons.
Luggage 2 large or 1 large + 1 small
54 (2050 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
49 (1870 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

B CCAR Thailand - Car Rental - Toyota Altis 1.6G automatic Compact
Toyota Altis 1.6G automatic or similar
5 persons.
Luggage 2 large
62 (2370 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
58 (2190 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

C CVAR Thailand - Car Rental - Honda Freed 1.5E automatic Compact van
Honda Freed 1.5E automatic or similar
6 persons.
Luggage 2 large
76 (2900 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
72 (2720 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

S FFAR Thailand - Car Rental - Toyota Vigo 4WD Double cab
Toyota Vigo 4WD or similar
4 persons.
Luggage 3 large + 2 small
74 (2800 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
69 (2620 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

C ICAR Thailand - Car Rental - Honda Civic 1.8S automatic Intermediate
Honda Civic 1.8S automatic or similar
5 persons.
Luggage 2 large
76 (2900 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
70 (2660 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

F IVAR Thailand - Car Rental - Toyota Innova 2.0 automatic MPV
Toyota Innova 2.0 automatic or similar
6 persons.
Luggage 1 large + 1 small
88 (3330 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
81 (3080 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

G PCAR Thailand - Car Rental - Toyota Camry 2.0G automatic Prestige
Toyota Camry 2.0G automatic or similar
5 persons.
Luggage 2 large + 2 small
93 (3550 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
86 (3250 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

W PFAR Thailand - Car Rental - Toyota Fortuner 3.0V 4WD SUV
Toyota Fortuner 3.0V 4WD or similar
5 persons.
Luggage 3 large + 1 small
93 (3550 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
86 (3250 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

V MVMR Thailand - Car Rental - Toyota Commuter 2.5 Manual Mini Van
Toyota Commuter 2.5 Manual or similar
12 persons.
Luggage 3 large
74 (2800 Baht, 1 - 6 days)
66 (2500 Baht, 7 - 21 days)

The below mentioned items are as a rule included or not included. The definitive rental conditions are mentioned on the contract that you have to sign yourself when you pick up the car.

Included in the rental price: Not included in the rental price:
  • Carrent for the agreed number of days.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Collision & Damage Waiver (damage caused by others) with an own risk of 8,000 Baht for category A, B, K, C, I cars and 15,000 Baht for cat.D, F, M cars.
  • Replacing car in case of mechanical failures.
  • 24hr service in case of emergencies (contact the main branch of the rental company).
  • VAT 7%
  • Park- and tollway costs, fines and repair of flat tires.
  • Fuel (the car is delivered to you with a full tank and will be refilled at your cost upon return).
  • Super CDW. In case of accident, renter will have no responsibility against the damage vehicle and the counter party's vehicle. Can be separately included at 214 Baht (cat. A,B,K) or 321 Baht (cat. C,L,N) or 535 Baht (cat. D,F,M). Theft protection can be included separately.
  • PAI Personal Accidents Insurance. Can be included at approx. € 3.50 per person per day.
  • Delivery and pickup of your car at your hotel or any address other than the local Budget branch, and eventual extra fee when the car is returned on a different location as it is picked up.
  • Second driver so that you can drive with 2 persons (can be included at approx. € 4.50 per day).
  • A compulsory pre-authorization cover the rental guarantee, which will be done at the commencement date and location. After the vehicle is returned, the pre-authorization will be cancelled. Details of pre-authorization: 20,000 Baht forCat. A, B, C, L, K, J, N and 40,000 Baht for Cat. D, F, M cars.
  • We can make the reservation for you. Payment needs to be done by yourself at the moment that you pick up your car at the Budget location. Payments need to be made by using a valid creditcard which is registered to the person on whose name the reservation is made. This will also be the person who will drive the car.
  • Driver minimum ages of 23 years and acquires driving license for at least one year. Renter's passport and valid driving license need be provided upon rental.
  • Daily period of rental is based on 24 hours basis. For each hour (or part thereof) that the car is returned too late, 20% of the daily rental rate will be surcharged. Should the renter wish to extend the rental beyond the original agreed return date, the renting station must be advised immediately and the required payment needs to be arranged in advance, so that the insurance coverage is extended.
  • One way rental available from minimum 3 days between all Budget Thailand locations, no drop fee for 7 days or more.
  • You drive at your own risk. Thaitraveldreams can book the rental car for you but explicitly rejects all responsibility for loss, damage, personal injury or death due to the use of the car, direct or consequential. Personal insurances to cover any risks are your own responsibility.
  • Prices in Baht are leading. These are the prices that need to be paid upon collecting your car. Prices in Euro are indicative and based on recent exchange rates. Rates are subject to change without notice and subject to availability car.
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