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Travel modules

Our program consists of travel modules, short excursions on location. You will stay overnight in one place and make daily excursions from there. A relaxed form of holiday as you don't have to pack up every morning to move to another hotel. Our travel modules can be combined in any order you like and as such they offer great flexibility in forming your own personal holiday. We can arrange comfortable transfers between the travel modules. Sometimes you will travel with your own group and sometimes other groups will join when they booked on the same date. This way you will meet different people during each module which is a fun part of our journeys.



We also offer Dream Holidays, most of them combinations of our travel modules. They can be booked or you can use them to form your own ideas on how to plan your holiday. For larger groups (e.g., students) we can offer tailor-made roundtrips at a special price, for instance by staying overnight in larger dormitories or by travelling via public transport (e.g., coach, train).


Our guides

Our guides are carefully selected and they add significantly to the value of our tours. All our guides are friendly, knowledgable about the places that you visit (most of them were born and raised there), service-oriented, can speak English and can tell many anecdotes about local life.



During our journeys you will travel by airplane and private airconditioned minivan or coach; but also, depending on your budget and preferences, via the well organized public transport system in Thailand (aircon bus, train or ferry). Traveling through Thailand with public transport seldomly, if ever, sacrifices time if planned well in advance. It allows you to get to know and travel through the country as the Thais do and it adds significantly to the "adventure" content. Public transport in Thailand is equally good, if not better organized than in many Western countries.


Plan your own trip

Planning your journey through Thailand is easy. Choose the travel modules you want and combine them in the order that you like. We can arrange efficient transfers between the travel modules. We can also book additional accommodation for you.

Do not plan too tight but reserve time for the transfers between the travel modules. Let us know how you want to travel: by bus, train, airplane or private airconditioned minivan. Buses are comfortable and cheap and there are many departures per day between the major destinations. Flights between the major cities depart several times per day. Private transfer by car with driver and airconditioning is always possible between all destinations.

Now you can start planning your journey. Fill in our application form or with your ideas.

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