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Terms and Conditions

Thai Travel Dreams - Isan Discovery Ltd.

General information

If you go on a journey, you will have certain expectations about your journey and about the things you will find at your destination. You want to enjoy a fine and carefree holiday. Thaitraveldreams tries as best as possible to fulfill all your expectations. However, there are a few things over which we have little or no control, and there are a number of facts which you should know before you book with us. Therefore, we ask that you please read this information carefully to avoid any potential disappointment or possibly annoying situations.

Thaitraveldreams can be reached by phone 24-hours per day and is ready for you 365 days per year for problems that are difficult for you to solve during your holiday. During our office hours (Mon. - Fri. 09:00 - 17:00 hrs. Thai time) we can be reached on our office phone number: +66 43 321268. Outside these hours we can be reached 24/7 on our mobile phone number: +66 81 872 5670. You can also fax us on: +66 43 225196 or us. Please note the time difference with your own country if you are staying abroad.

Thailand is a very accessible country in which many things are similar to Western countries. However, Thailand still has its own culture, customs, habits, climate, food, hygienics, transportation, infrastructure, legislation, standards and values. These are not necessarily the same as in your own country and sometimes things turn out differently than you are used to in your own country. Before you book your journey to Thailand, you should educate yourself about Thailand and its customs and be prepared to adapt accordingly. With good preparation, a flexible attitude and the ability to see things in perspective, you will be able to fully enjoy your holiday. If you understand, respect and appreciate other morals and customs, it can spare you much annoyance and give another added dimension to your journey.

Commitments and liabilities

Thaitraveldreams is responsible for the proper execution of the tour that you have booked with us and paid for, within the boundaries mentioned in our Terms & Conditions. A booking becomes definitive and the liability of Thaitraveldreams commences when the following conditions are met:

  • The booking is received and confirmed by Thaitraveldreams;

  • The full booking amount is received by Thaitraveldreams.

Confirmation of a reservation shall not be binding until the full booking amount is received in our Thai bank account. The person who makes the booking confirms to be authorized by all members of his/her party to make the booking agreement on their behalf.

Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd. acts as intermediair for the various airline companies, hotels, transport organisations and local tourist agencies that run the services. Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd. explicitly rejects all liability for extra costs due to losses, damage, accidents, illness, hospitalization and death, natural disasters, attacks, wars, political or military actions, either during or outside the tour programs and regardless of the cause.

Booking a trip with Thaitraveldreams automatically implies that you have read our booking terms and that you understand and accept them. For your own convenience please be informed that all participants on our tours need to have valid travel documents. The passport needs to be valid for a minimum of 6 months after leaving Thailand and a visa may be required depending on nationality and duration of stay in Thailand.

Delays and changes during your journey

Local and/or (unforeseen) situations beyond our control might force us to adapt the travel schedule; for example the order of excursions, train transfers changed into bus transfers or otherwise, or the replacement of an excursion by a comparable one. Thaitraveldreams can not be held liable for this. In these (exceptional) cases we will look for alternatives to the best of our ability. The original character, the duration and comfort level of the tour, will be maintained at all times. For those cases where we must deviate from the original travel schedule and where we offer a comparable alternative, customers will be given no restitution.

The possibility of delays & cancellations of flights, trains, boats, ferries and public transfers are fact of life, also in Thailand. Our travelplans are designed in such a way that, in case delays or cancellations occur during your journey, the effects on your itinerary will be as minimal as possible. We will advise you to the best of our knowledge when you are booking your tour with us. However, Thaitraveldreams can not be held liable for delays and cancellations that are outside our influence. Consequently, Thaitraveldreams rejects all liability for extra costs that you have to make that are caused by delays or cancellations, including costs for extra overnight stays or buying new tickets.

For flights that are booked via us, the terms & conditions of the respective airline companies apply. In case of flight delays or cancellations, you need to report to the service desk of the airline company. They will advise you. Departure times of domestic flights can change without mentioning the reason. This is outside our influence. Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd. cannot be held responsible for possible extra costs that you have to make as a result of such delays or cancellations.

Travel insurances

Having a proper insurance for your entire stay in Thailand is a mandatory condition to participate in one of our tours. Such insurances need to be arranged in your own country before departure to Thailand (insurance companies usually do not accept applications for travel insurance anymore once your journey has started). Booking one of our trips automatically means that each participant confirms to be properly insured. Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd. cannot be held liable for extra costs due to losses, damage, accidents, illness, medical treatment, hospitalization, death, repatriation, natural disasters, attacks, wars, political or military actions, either during or outside the tour programs and regardless of the cause. In occurring cases these costs are for you. The liability of Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd. is limited to covering personal effects with a maximum of 100,000 Baht per incident but never exceeding the booking amount. In no case will restitution of the booking amount, or any part thereof, be granted after your tour has commenced.


Travelers all assume some health risks. Foreign eating habits and unfamiliar hygienics can upset your constitution. You can come into contact with exotic bacteria and viruses that can cause infectious diseases, for which you did not build up resistance in your own country. Fortunately you can prevent most of the common risks with simple preventative measures: Drink only drinking water from unopened bottles that you purchased yourself. Do not eat fruit that was peeled by someone else (they may have had dirty hands). Eat only ice cubes of cylindrical shape with a hole in the middle (drinkable (hygienic) water is used to make these ice cubes). Do not eat fish, shrimp, meat or other food of which you are unsure how long it has been sitting in the sun or which is not thoroughly fried (or even raw). Always get information from your family doctor and/or the Area Health Authority before you leave on your trip.

Are you a heart or CNSLD (chronic non-specific lung disease)-patient and/or do you have other health problems? If so, then we recommend you consult your general practitioner (family doctor) about the journey you want to make before you book with us. If you take any prescriptions or special medicines, then we recommend that you have them included in your medical passport. When you go on your journey you should take this passport and a sufficient stock of your medicines either on you or in your hand luggage. Also carry a certificate from the doctor on you, in which the disease(s) or the medicines you have or need are listed, either in Latin or in English: brand names of medicines often differ between countries. The change in climate may cause troubles to your stomach and intestines. So you should have a good remedy against stomach and intestinal disturbances on you. Many public toilets have no toilet paper: a small stock in your hand luggage solves this problem. Some may want to carry sanitary wipes or towellettes with them - easily purchased in bigger cities - as soap is not commonly available in lavatories in the countryside.

Participants on our tours must be in normal physical condition (or better) and be in good health. If you are not sure whether a journey is fit for you or not, we request you contact us to discuss this. In case you have a physical handicap or are on a special diet, you are obliged to inform us of this when booking. If you do not comply with this, we cannot guarantee that that has been taken into account and we cannot give restitution of the travel fares.

Please check the health aspects and inoculation requirements for Thailand.


Our website prices for all travel arrangements including accommodations, excursions, tickets, etc., are subject to availability. It is advisable to book in advance as much as possible in order to avoid fully-booked hotels, train / bus / airplane seats, especially during peak periods such as (but not limited to) Western holiday periods, Chinese New Year (February), Songkran (April), HM the Queen's birthday (August), Loy Kratong (November), HM the King's birthday (December), Christmas, Old (New Year's Eve) & New Years Day, bank holidays and local events. Thai holiday calendars are available on many websites and should be consulted when planning your trip.

Room rates for online booking are available only for bookings made via our website and are not available from the hotel directly. Extra bed rates will be displayed after dates are selected during the booking process. Our prices are subject to change at any given time without prior notice. For hotel rooms that are booked online, the terms and conditions for online bookings apply as noted during the booking process.

Prices and special offers can change in the course of the year. Our website prices are therefore indicative and subject to change without prior notice. A definitive price will be given to you in a personal offer at the time that you request a tour with us.


Thailand is a tropical country where you occasionally come across bugs and insects. Sometimes even a four- or five-star hotel is troubled by a cockroach that has lost its way. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable in the tropics.

The “third bed” in the room is often a small occasional bed on wheels, of which the comfort level is somewhat less than a normal bed.

All scheduled transfer durations are approximations. Deviations will remain within acceptable limits and the excursions will be performed normally.

Tours and road transfers can be private or on a join-in basis. During join-in tours & transfers, also referred to as shared tours or SIC (Seat In Coach) tours, you will travel with other persons. The departure time & location and the arrival time & location are fixed, the same as the tour program itself. These cannot be changed. The number of participants depends on who have booked the tours, which cannot be predicted in advance. If groups need to be split up, then the organisation who runs the tours will determine the group composition of each subgroup.

During private tours and transfers you will travel exclusively with your own group. No other persons will join and the car with driver and tourguide are for your group only. In public places and hotels there are of course other persons, but these do not participate on your tour. It is possible, within limits, to make small changes to the tour program. For instance, you can start at a different time or at a different (nearby) location. If you want that then please call us, so we can make the necessary arrangements. You can also make stops on route - just ask your guide. The route, however, is fixed. If you want to visit places that are not included in the program and are outside the route, then you need to consult with the guide. There may be a surcharge to cover any extra mileage or longer driving times for the driver. The instructions of the guide need to be followed. In case a private excursion is adapted on your initiative, then it may be possible that the original program cannot be done as booked. Therefore please carefully check with the guide about ramifications of any changes and the consequences.

We recommend that you take as few valuables to Thailand as possible. Leave jewelry, gold, diamonds, etc., at home as places that are sufficiently safe to hide or store these items are not available everywhere. Valuables that you do take to Thailand are best stored in a hotel safe or, if that is not possible, on your person. Such valuables include, but are not limited to, photo and video cameras, mobile phones, computers, credit cards, passports, flight tickets, cash money, cheques, documents with security codes, and so on. Thailand is a relative safe country, yet we recommend that you be careful and use common sense.

In you have a certain preference (for example for a room on a low or a high floor), then we will pass this on to the responsible party (in this case the hotel). In no case are we able to confirm such a preference to you or guarantee that your request will be granted on the spot. For passing preferences we do not take fees. In some places it might occur that you must pay a surcharge; for instance for a “room with a view of the sea”.

If you have a preference or desire so essential to you that a travel agreement will only be made if it is certain that your wish is granted, then you need to state this explicitly in all your inquiries and bookings. If you have not stated such an essential wish in your inquiries or your bookings, then restitution of your travel fares cannot be given in cases where your wishes are not met.

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy is mentioned on our payment & cancellation terms. Cancellations need to be done in writing (email, fax). Canceling by phone is possible but needs to be confirmed in writing within 24 hours. The time of receiving the cancellation email (defined as the time indicated in the read receipt) counts as the time of receiving the cancellation. If no confirmation in writing is received after a phone cancellation then the cancellation is invalid.

For hotel rooms that are booked online, the payment, cancellation charge and refund policies apply that are given during the online booking process.

Refunds will be transferred to any bank account of choice of the customer. Costs for money transfers will be deducted from the refund amount.

Complaints and warranty

Complaints after your journey need not be necessary. Often we can solve any problems that might occur on the spot. If the problem not solved on the spot, then you need to file your complaint in writing or by e-mail at our office. Complaints issued later than one month after the event will not be accepted. Liability for justified complaints for Thaitraveldreams will be limited to the specific complaint as part of the overall arrangement. The total liability for Thaitraveldreams for justified complaints will never exceed the total booking amount. Complaints that cannot be settled with us in a satisfactory way can be filed with the TAT and the verdict of the TAT is then binding to both Thaitraveldreams and the individual who filed the complaint.

In the above mentioned terms and conditions we use both the terms "Thaitraveldreams" and "Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd." to refer to ourselves. The term "Thaitraveldreams" refers to the legal entity "Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd. ", which is the tour & travel company behind the website Thaitraveldreams. Isan Discovery Travel Co. Ltd. is registered in Thailand at the Chamber of Commerce in Khonkaen (registration number 10754500965) and therefore subjected to Thai law. We are licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand; our TAT license nr is 54/00005. This can be verified at any TAT office in Thailand. (Here is a copy of our TAT license.) This license includes, among other things, a guarantee by the TAT to supply what our customers have booked and paid for, and a suitable refund in case we fail to supply these services.

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