Thailand Tours

Adventure Tours

Adventurous and recreational activities such as mountain trekking, hill tribe visits, elephant rides, river rafting, kayaking, camping and mountain biking. These adventure trips include physical activities such as walking through forests and in mountainous areas for several hours. Some trips include overnight stays in basic accommodation, such as camping or sleeping in hill tribe villages. Suited for everyone in good health, reasonable condition and with a sense for adventure.

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Sightseeing Tours

Historical objects and sites are a testimony to every country’s civilization and cultural heritage. They bridge the gap between past and present and instill a sense of belonging and pride and the importance of cherishing their invaluable legacy. Absorb the atmosphere of the ruins and monuments of past Thai civilizations such as can be found in the ancient Angkor sanctuaries of Phimai and Phanom Rung. Admire Thailand’s former capital cities and now historical parks of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya and enjoy the beautiful mountains of the North. These sightseeing trips do not include heavy physical activities.

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Trekking & Nature Tours

During a trek in Thailand you will walk through mountains. Though the walking speed is never high, treks can be physically challenging. A sense for adventure, a good health and the ability to walk a few hours per day are necessary. You will sleep in tents or hilltribe village huts in sometimes primitive conditions (on a small mattress, no electricity, no running water). Sanitary conditions are simple (sometimes sitting behind a bamboo tree). These conditions will not be seen as a challenge by everyone. But you will be rewarded by the adventure, the physical exercise, the magnificence of the nature and the contact with the local people. Our shorter treks are not that strenuous and well suited for families with young children. Our longer treks (Lisu, Burma) can be exhausting and are not suited for children.

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