The Phu Kradung challenge

Mountain trekking

The Phu Kradung challengePhu Kradung is a beautiful national park in Loei province with the highest peak at 1360m. The “challenge” lies in a steep but not so difficult climb, gaining almost 1000 meters in altitude during a 4 hour walk. Food and drinks are available along the route. On the top there are waterfalls and spectacular views over the surrounding area. Watching the sunset while overlooking the plains below is a wonderful experience. Overnight stay on the top. Explore the top on day 2 and walk your way past cliffs and waterfalls before starting your descent. Arrive at the foot of the mountain in the late afternoon.

Day 1. Early morning transfer to Phu Kradung. The beautiful drive will have you in the right mood for the trek today. The walking trail is a challenging 5 km climb gaining almost 1000 m in altitude, followed by a 3 km meadow walk to the parks headquarters. Enjoy the magnificent views on the mountaintop with overhanging rocks, cliffs and waterfalls. Watch the sunset from the cliffs overlooking the surrounding planes. Dinner in an open air restaurant where you will probably end up in a lively conversation with the local Thai who always enjoy to talk with foreigners. Overnight stay on the mountaintop (camping accommodation).

The Phu Kradung challengeDay 2. Choose to get up early (05:30 hr) and watch the sunrise over the eastern cliff of Nok Aen. The views will certainly justify your early rising! After breakfast follow a variety of beautiful walking trails through forests, past waterfalls and several cliffs on the south side with wonderful views over the surrounding plains. Lunch near the visitor centre before starting your descent. Arrival at the foot of the mountain late afternoon and return to Khonkaen or Loei where this tour ends.

Day 3 (optional). To fully enjoy the beauty of Phu Kradung we recommend that you take 3 days instead of 2. Use the first day for your climb to the summit, then stay overnight in the park. Use the second day to explore the mountain top with its beautiful forests, waterfalls and cliffs with views over the nearby mountains. Enjoy sunset at Lom Sak cliff in the southwest. The second night you will also stay overnight on the mountaintop. Enjoy sunrise on the morning of the third day on Nok Aen cliff and then start your descent. This 3-day program is particularly suited if you arrive at Phu Kradung late morning on day 1 and / or if you have to leave early on the day of the descent.

Private 2 day tour:   5,440 Baht   ( €  155  /  U$  172  /  4p )
  9,940 Baht   ( €  284  /  U$  314  /  2p )
Private 3 day tour:   7,090 Baht   ( €  203  /  U$  224  /  4p )
  12,800 Baht   ( €  366  /  U$  405  /  2p )

Included: Return transfer from Khonkaen or Loey to Phu Kradung National Park by private airconditioned minivan, the overnight stays on the mountain top (basic camping accommodation including small mattress, blankets & pillow), admission fee to Phu Kradung National Park and an english speaking tourguide who will accompany you all the way to the mountain top. Meals and porters are not included. Porters can be hired in the park at 10 Baht/kg of luggage.

Remark: The Phu Kradung challenge is an enduring though normal walking trail and can be done by anyone in good health with a reasonable physical condition and a good sense of adventure. The trail is steep and sometimes requires creative walking but it is not difficult. There is no mountaineering involved and no special equipment or climbing skills are required. Food and drinks are available on the way. We recommend the following things to take with you. The park is closed in the rainy season between June 1st and September 30.